Jericho Praises Dolph Ziggler's Integrity, Hogan's New Show Debuts Saturday

– Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling will debut this Saturday 10/18 at 8 PM Eastern for CMT. A recent press release described the show as, “Ten adventurous celebrities who, through various exhilarating challenges and elimination matches, will compete for the title of Celebrity All-Star Wrestling Champion.” Each episode will take the viewer through the training process, preparation and performance aspects of professional wrestling. In addition to starring in the series, Hogan also serves as Executive Producer.

— Here’s some irony for you. Last Thursday night, Chris Jericho appeared at the television tapings for WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. Jericho came out and said that he sees a whole group of people in the FCW locker room that are just like Shawn Michaels and only one person who looks like he wants to follow the Chris Jericho path. A man with integrity. That man is Nick Nemeth. Nemeth came to the ring, thanked Jericho for the introduction and said there is no one in the locker room who understands what he goes through every day. Jericho added that he and Nemeth are the only ones who can look in the mirror and have a clear conscience. The next morning, WWE announced Nemeth, known as Dolph Ziggler in WWE, had been suspended for 30 days for violating the company’s Wellness Policy.

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