Umaga Returning Soon, Jose Canseco Contacts WWE, Incident At Stone Cold Movie

sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— SmackDown star Umaga is expected back anytime now. He’s been out of action since early August after tearing his PCL at a SmackDown house during a match with Jeff Hardy. Umaga did a run-in during a match at Florida Championship Wrestling show a few weeks ago.

— What with beleaguered former MLB slugger Jose Canseco in the news in recent weeks (he was arrested for bringing HCG across the border two weeks ago; also said in an A&E documentary that aired last week that he wishes he never wrote his book calling out MLB players for using steroids due to all the damage it did to those people), it’s interesting to note that at one point, his people approached WWE about using him in a celebrity tie-in. WWE tossed around the idea, but ultimately turned it down. This was a while ago though, and not recently.

— During filming of his latest movie “Damage,” Steve Austin broke the nose of MMA fighter Paul Lazenby while filming a fight scene on October 22. The MMA fighter ended up with two black eyes after Austin gave him a left hook that clipped his nose on either the first or second take. It took approximately 20 minutes for Lazenby to stop bleeding. Lazenby wasn’t upset, saying it was a complete accident. He also praised Austin as a good movie fighter. However, Austin was said to be upset with the incident even though the MMA fighter kept insisting it was okay. While medics tended to Lazenby, Austin came back with his arm in a sling as well as an ice pack on his hand, joking that he needed to go to the hospital for bruised knuckles. The two finished up the scene last Friday.

See rare photo of Umaga holding a TNA belt

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