WWE Spoils A Storyline, WWE Acknowledges Trivia Error, A Mr. Kennedy Release

— In the October 2008 issue of WWE Magazine, there is a feature on WWE’s developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling. Inside the magazine is a group photo of the developmental wrestlers, including Brie Bella and her twin sister, Nicole. Nicole is of course the twin sister who has been hiding underneath the ring during Brie’s matches on SmackDown. You can see a scan of the magazine photo at the following link. The forthcoming issue – which has started hitting mailboxes – features a profile on both sisters. WWE is playing the storyline up as if Natalya & Victoria, as well as the announcers, have no idea that Brie has a twin sister hiding underneath the ring. In a segment that aired on last Friday’s show, the two Divas accused Brie of having a secret – and they were going to figure it out. Of course if the two Divas simply looked at the WWE Magazine with Batista on the cover, they’d know what Brie’s secret is.

— Two weeks ago on Raw in a WWE “Did You Know?” segment, they said there were more episodes of Raw than The Simpsons, Seinfeld and ER combined. Of course, that is untrue as those three shows have totaled over 900 episodes combined whereas Raw is up to 800 total shows as of this week. WWE.com has posted a special section on 800 Raws in history and they mention the three shows again. However, this time WWE says there have been more episodes of Raw than only The Simpsons and ER combined, leaving out Seinfeld. WWE acknowledges Seinfeld by saying “Its (Raw) run is more than four times as long as Seinfeld‘s”. {800 Raws and counting}

— Mr. Kennedy’s straight-to-DVD flick Behind Enemy Lines – Columbia is scheduled to be officially released on Tuesday, January 6, 2009.

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