Latest On The Undertaker, Last Night's ECW Show Rewritten, Steve Austin Mix-up

source: www.prowrestling.NET

— Undertaker is taking time off to let some nagging injuries heal. He is not retiring, nor has he violated the company’s Wellness Policy. “He’s making huge money,” said one source. “He has a long-term deal.”

— Last night’s ECW show underwent several rewrites. The original script for the show called for a number of pre-taped backstage segments, but Vince changed his mind and made it a straight forward wrestling show for the most part. The show wasn’t finalized until yesterday afternoon.

— Last night, had a story on Steve Austin being sued. The article was soon pulled as they got the wrestler mixed up with another person of the same name who owns the entertainment company TAG Entertainment.

See photo of Undertaker in HIGH SCHOOL

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