WWE House Show Results (08/03/08) – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Reader Kara Weaver sent in the following report:

I attended the house show in Chattanooga, TN Sunday, and just thought I would send some results your way:

Justin Roberts of Smackdown opened and announced the show. When he informed the audience Triple H would not be there, the crowd erupted with boos. He also told everyone to text their vote to decide what type of match Jeff Hardy and MVP would have for the main event: a no dq, pinfalls count anywhere, or 2 out of 3 pinfalls. Then he started the first match….

Finlay and Hornswoggle beat Mike Knox.

Finlay and Hornswoggle were a hit with the crowd, even bringing kids into the ring afterward to celebrate with them.

Next, ECW Championship match:

Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas beat Matt Hardy

Solid match, everyone came to see the Hardys.

Diva’s Tag Match:

Cherry and Eve Torres beat Natalya and Maryse

The crowd was dead for this match, partially because everyone expected Maria to wrestle. Maria only made two appearances to pick fans out of the audience for special gimmicks.

United States Championship match:

Shelton Benjamin beat Ken Kennedy.

Kennedy was another hit with crowd, garnering chants through the whole match.

Next match,

Big Show beat The Great Khali.

Great match, Big Show took some hard falls to the mat but conquered in the end.

Intermission, fans stormed the merch tables (and bathrooms).

WWE Tag Team Championship match:

Hawkins and Ryder beat Jesse and Festus.

Decent match, but the crowd was dead for this one too.

Next up….

R-Truth beat The Brian Kendrick ( w/ Ezekiel)

R-Truth was a crowd pleaser with the win, but as his music hit Kendrick’s bodygaurd Ezekiel stepped in for a beat down. R-Truth was left laying in the ring at the end, and limped out.

Theodore Long was announced to the ring. He said 67% of the crowd voted and chose a no dq match for the main event.

Jeff Hardy beat MVP.

This was an amazing match. To start MVP grabbed the mic to trash talk, as Hardy sat on the turnbuckle looking bored. But the crowd wasn’t interested in hearing him, everyone wanted the match to start. When it did, it was worth it. The two used everything from steel steps to trash can lids, even having a quick bout through the audience. Hardy hit a Swanton Bomb in the end and the match was over.

Justin Roberts thanked everyone and the show was over.

Biggest Pop:
Matt and Jeff Hardy
Final and Hornswoggle
Big Show
Ken Kennedy

Biggest Heat:
Mark Henry
The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel

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