Hogan Tied To Human Growth Hormone, Hogan Knows Best Storyline Rejected

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— A recent issue of The National Enquirer has a story on Linda Hogan and her messy divorce, and it claims that Hulk Hogan has been using large quantities of Human Growth Hormone for a number of years. The article also claims that Hogan uses Viagra.

— VH1 was looking to do a storyline for Brooke Hogan Knows Best which would involve Brooke going to college. Producers wanted to film her applying to different schools in Florida. However, at least a few colleges turned the proposed idea down, feeling that it would be really disruptive if they allowed her and cameras to roam around on campus during exam time. The University of South Florida (the school Hulk Hogan went to in the 70’s), Florida State and Central Florida all turned Brooke down. One school did go along with the idea, that being Florida Atlantic University. They allowed Brooke to visit the school on 4/22 and 4/23, meeting with the student body president and members of fraternities and sororities. Although, school administrators said they hadn’t decided whether to allow her show to be filmed on campus should she really go along with applying to the college.

— Speaking of Brooke, she turns 20 years old today.

See pics of Hulk Hogan’s mistress at this link

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