Live Report From WWE Autograph Signing At The Double Tree Hotel

The following report was sent in by a reader that chose to remain anonymous:

I’m staying at the Double Tree in Orlando, Florida and I was a part of Mid-Day Madness. More like Morning Madness because it started at 9 am. You had to wait in line to get into the room of wrestlers. The line was like 90 minutes long from when I got in, which was at 8:30. It was really long. Once you got out of that line security directs you too one of 3 rooms. You only get to go in 1 room with the wrestlers, out of the 3. My room was Tazz, Maria with Matt Hardy (I’ll get to that later),Kennedy….Kennedy, Cody Rhodes, Maryse, and John Morrison. The other rooms had Edge, Snitsky (ew), Big Show, Mark Henry, Santino and a few other people I couldn’t see.

Once you get into that room there is a short line to meet everyone with Tazz midway through the line I talked with Tazz got his autograph and a picture. He was saying how he couldnt bring his 8 year old son because he will miss too much school. I asked him who he thought would win the 24 Battle Royal and he said Henry, or Daddy V, one of the big guys. He said they dont tell the announcers who wins since they like it to be spontaneous.

Then Maria and Matt Hardy were sitting next to each other. You got to sit in between them and talk. And a WWE Person takes a Polaroid picture. They signed for us and Hardy was joking about how Maria is so hot and smoking. Going on an on about her to me.

After that was Kennedy. I asked him if John Morrisson lets him in the Palace of Wisdom. He said no because its full of drugs. He was a funny guy and I took a picture with him and he signed. He was the most charismatic there.

Next to Kennedy was Cody Rhodes. I never knew he had a nose piercing. Maybe its new. He signed, and I got a picture with him holding his tag team belt. It was pretty heavy for the tag titles.

Next was Marsye. She was funny and quickly signed. I couldn’t get a picture with her but it was fine. She drew a heart over herself and said its because she loves herself. She laughed and signed and wrote French Kiss!

Last was The Shahman of Sexy, John Morrison. He signed and I asked if I can come into the Palace of Wisdom. He said “no, sorry. You have to be enlightened” I eventually convinced him so I am now in the Palace of Wisdom. I took a picture with him and then left.

During the line in the wrestler room they were all goofing with each other. Hardy kept yelling Kennedy and Kennedy yelled, HARD!! Matt then asked how he knew. Kennedy got up from his table and mocked Hardys entrance by jumping and spinning in a circle waving his hands around. It was funny. Kennedy called Hardy The most boring high flying wrestler, and Matt agreed. They goofed on Cody, Kennedy said guys you may not know but the man next me is CODY RHODES. By the way, the book they gave us didnt even have Cody in it. I also yelled ANDERSON! (Kennedys OVW name) and hes like, oh Matt we have a smark here, oooh and sarcastically acted afraid. It was pretty funny.

Lastly, this is just a rumor and speculation. But Maria and Matt Hardy looked like a couple. They left together, sat together, and stayed together the whole time. I think they were holding hands also getting on the bus.

All in all it was a fun experience. MVP is signing autographs in 10 minutes so Im going now. I’ll email if more news comes in!

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