Leticia Cline Wants To Go Back To TNA, TNA Agent Has Both Knees Replaced, More

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Former TNA backstage interview Leticia Cline recently called into Howard Stern’s radio show. She said she when she got home from her appearance on the show in which she went topless and rode some sort of vibrating apparatus, she got an e-mail from the Motocross organization she was working for telling her that she was being let go. Cline also noted that her father is no longer speaking to her after she revealed that he was a racist on the program. Cline said she was talking with WWE about possibly joining the company, but their schedule could pose as a problem because she only wants to work a few days a week. Cline said she’d like to go back to TNA because they’re like family to her, not to mention that she has no hard feelings over being let go from them a few weeks ago. Cline said TNA is a great company to work for. As far as what she’s up to now is concerned, Cline said she just got a gig for the Rio Heroes MMA promotion as an announcer.

— TNA agent Terry Taylor recently had a double knee replacement operation due to all the damage incurred during his lengthy wrestling career.

— TNA’s house show tour of Canada right after Christmas drew 900 fans in Montreal on 12/27, 1,000 in Quebec City, 700 in Gatineau, Quebec, and 2,800 in Oshawa, which is 30 minutes outside Toronto.

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