More Off-Air Notes From Last Night's RAW Including Dark Match & Heat Results Reader Jared Rose reporting:

There was a great crowd last night in Mobile. I have read some of the off air notes other people have sent in and they are completely wrong. The show started on time at 7pm. Here is a list of the matches before Raw.

Umaga b. Drew McIntyre (Dark Match)
Santino Marella b. D.H. Smith (Heat)
Hacksaw & Super Crazy b. The Highlanders (Heat)
Brian Kendrick b. Charlie Haas (Heat)
Hardcore Holly b. Carlito

I’m not sure if the Holly match was for Heat or just to be having it for his hometown. I did not notice the Heat logo on the screens like the other matches had. Plus it was a complete squash.

The JBL pyro was crazy. The building did not have a fan to get rid of all of the smoke so the place was filled with smoke for the rest of the night making it hard to see but apparently it did not show on TV.

Biggest pops
1. Hardcore Holly by far
2. HBK
3. Hardy
4. Hacksaw & Super Crazy
5. Triple H

Most Heat
2. Randy Orton
3. Kennedy promo
4. Anytime Vince was on the Titan Tron
5. Khali

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