UFC News: Rampage Sued For $10 Million, UFC 79 Press Conference & More

Source: MMAmania.com, Fighthype.com

— UFC Light Heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is being sued by former representatives White Chocolate Management. Here’s the official statement: “White Chocolate Management, a Hollywood, Florida based management and Promotion Company and its President Reed Wallace have filed a $10,000,000 lawsuit in the State Supreme Court of New York, against Rampage Jackson, Juanito Ibarra and Ibarra’s Mixed Martial Arts Company for breach of contract, interference with contract and defamation arising out of a breach of a contract and false statements by Ibarra that ‘WCM had nothing to do with Rampage’ although it was Ibarra and his attorneys that prepared the final contract between Rampage and White Chocolate.”.

— The war of words between BJ Penn and Sean Sherk continues. Last week, Penn spoke out about Sherk’s suspension for performance enhancing drugs saying, “The guy has been cheating for how many years? At least everybody knows now what everybody had suspected the whole time.” Now, Sherk has fired back, accusing Penn of being a habitual marijuana smoker. Sherk told Fighthype.com: “Oh, nice! My response is I’ve done everything I could do to prove my innocence, including a polygraph examination. I’d like to strap him up to a polygraph and find out when was the last time he smoked reefer. The guy is a pothead and he wants to talk about natural title belts and that’s not true. He’s got secrets and he’s not fighting for a natural title belt so he could say what he wants to say, but I hooked myself up to a polygraph and I’d like to see him do the same.”

— The long awaited UFC 79 is tomorrow night. UFC held a press conference yesterday featuring comments and a question and answer session with Georges St-Pierre, Matt Hughes, Chcuk Liddell, Wanderlai Silva, and UFC president Dana White.

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