WWE 24/7 Skipping A Monday Nitro, Masked Charlie Haas, Rumble DVD In Tin Box

— You can see the complete February listings for WWE 24/7 at this link. According to the listings, they’re going to start airing Raw and Nitro separately, rather than together in one digital broadcast. They have the Raw for June 9, 1997 listed, but they don’t have the WCW Monday Nitro for that night listed on their schedule. According to results from the show, Chris Benoit did a run-in during the main event between Flair/Piper and The Outsiders. If the show is indeed cut, that’s probably the reason why. On the heels of the Benoit double murder/suicide, WWE 24/7 hasn’t aired any footage of Benoit since July. For a brief time, they were cutting out footage of Nancy “Woman” Benoit from old 1995/1996 ECW broadcasts, but they’ve started showing her again — so as long as Benoit isn’t with her.

— A masked Charlie Haas wrestles Brian Kendrick on this week’s edition of Heat. Other matches include Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs. The Highlanders and DH Smith vs. Santino Marella. You can see Heat at this link. WWE.com erroneously lists the match as DH Smith vs. Carlito.

— The DVD for this year’s Royal Rumble will be available in a tin box. You can see a picture of it at this link.

See a NEW photo of Randy “Macho Santa” Savage (>>)

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