McMahon Furious With Roddy Piper, Heat On Major Brothers, K.C. James On TV


— Vince McMahon blew a gasket the other day relating to something “Rowdy” Roddy Piper recently said at a G.I. Joe convention. Raw writer Brian Gewirtz told him that Roddy Piper had gone to a convention and told fans that he was probably going to be one of the choices for guest referee at Cyber Sunday. Gewirtz found out about Piper’s comments because they were posted online. Upon hearing about this, Vince immediately axed Piper from Cyber Sunday. McMahon then buried him and said they wouldn’t be putting him on the list for storyline ideas in the foreseeable future. Although, it should be noted that they were running commercials for Cyber Sunday in Canada as early as Labor Day weekend, and they listed a Raw title match with Roddy Piper, Steve Austin, and Mick Foley as possible special guest referees. Apparently, nobody cleared that with Vince. The new commercial now features JBL in place of Piper.

— The Major Brothers are getting horrible reviews from officials in OVW. Furthermore, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams and Robert Gibson, who work in trainer roles in OVW, recently offered them advice and the dynamic blonde duo responded like they had no idea who Williams & Gibson are. They also can’t figure out why they should be listening to anything they say. Because of that, they have tons of heat obviously. Even though they’ve been on the main WWE roster since May, they still wrestle on the weekly OVW shows. The Major Brothers believe that they they shouldn’t be there and that they are above being in developmental.

— Though the person Kevin Thorn wrestled on last night’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi appeared to be the typical nondescript, run-of-the-mill local wrestler WWE uses on TV when they need a jobber to put a star over, he is actually a former WWE star currently in developmental trying to get back on the main roster. The guy Thorn wrestled was K.C. James, who briefly had an unnoteworthy run on SmackDown last year when he was in a tag team with Idol Stevens with Michelle McCool as their manager. The team couldn’t stay afloat after McCool was taken off the road because she got sick, and so they were sent back down to OVW. Anyway, James worked under the name James Curtis in the match with Thorn. James recently cut his hair, so that might explain as to why he didn’t appear to be too familiar. He currently holds the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship with former TNA also-ran Cassidy O’Reilly.

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