RAW Report 9/3/07 Columbus, Ohio

This week’s RAW begins with a video recap of Orton about to attack Cena last week. He stopped at the last minute and leaves the ring. He pulled Cena Sr. from the front row and kicked him in the head. Cena rushed to his father’s side while Orton stalked up the ramp.

Music and pyro.

Lillian announce the IC Title match. Jeff Hardy comes down first. Video of Umaga attacking Jeff last week. Umaga comes out to face him.
“Hardy” chant. Jeff ducks Umaga’s grasp, but then gets attacked. Jeff gets punched down a couple times. Jeff gets choked in the ropes. “Hardy” chants. Jeff tosses some punches but runs into a back elbow. A head butt drops Jeff. Jeff gets whipped and falls to the mat. Again Jeff gets whipped and falls down. A chop to Jeff’s chest, followed by a punch. Umaga rushes Jeff in a corner, but Jeff moves. Jeff gets elevated over the top and lands on the apron, but Umaga kicks him in the face, off the apron so he hits the floor.

– Commercial

Umaga kicks Jeff in the head. Umaga pinches Jeff’s shoulder. Jeff gets to his feet but gets Samoan dropped. Umaga goes to the second rope and flies, but Jeff moves out of the way of the flying head butt. They both get to their feet on 6. Jeff starts to fight back with kicks. A sunset flip but Jeff can’t pull him down. Jeff hits a baseball slide and a dropkick. Jeff goes for the twist of fate but gets pushed away. A swanton and Jeff covers for two.
Jeff climbs and flies, but gets hit with a side slam for two. Umaga is shocked that Jeff is able to kick out. Umaga climbs but Jeff slams into the ropes so Umaga falls on the corner in a painful way. Umaga falls and Jeff covers for three.

– Winner & IC Champion: Jeff Hardy

Jeff celebrates up the ramp while Umaga is pissed in the ring.

– Commercial

Video replay of how Jeff Hardy beat Umaga for the IC Title. During the commercial Umaga trashed the ring side area.

Vince is out back with Coach. Three lawyers are talking behind him. Vince says he’s ready for his family and their lawyers. Carlito comes in, hair cut shorter. Vince asks if Carlito was embarrassed last week. Vince doesn’t think tonight’s Carlito and HHH match should be handicapped. Carlito thinks that’s cool.

Santino is knocking on Maria’s door. She comes out, ready for her rematch. But she’s not happy. She’s still in pain and doesn’t want to face Beth. Santino says he knows her better than she knows herself.

Regal and Melina are talking out back. She whispers things to Regal about her and Vince. Steph comes up behind her and threatens to slap her. Melina turns around to see Linda. Melina tries to talk and Linda bitch slaps her. Steph and Linda leave. Ron walks up, looks at Melina an says… “DAMN!”

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Beth attacked Maria before the match last week. She beat Maria down, but the match never started.

Santino’s music. He comes out with Maria. Maria is in black pants and a very short black and gold top. Santino grabs a mic and addresses Ron. He says when his arm is better he will take Ron apart. He says he was IC Champ and Italian. He can add some class to this dump of a city.
Sandman comes through the crowd, sans beer. Santino says he doesn’t know why he’s coming, he doesn’t even know him. He doesn’t know why he’s there. He doesn’t know what his problem is. He realizes what the problem is. He’s jealous because Santino makes love to Maria, and Sandman makes love to his stick.
Sandman hits him over the head with the stick and beats him up the ramp. Guess that’s the last of Santino for 30 days!

– Commercial

Beth comes out in a silver version of her normal jumpsuit.
Beth poses on a corner before facing Maria. Maria attacks first but is tossed off. She attacks again but is tossed again. The third time Maria is hung op on the top rope. Beth gets Maria over her head in a hold. A fisherman’s suplex and Beth covers for three.

– Winner: Beth

Beth grabs a mic and says she’s cashing in her opportunity to face Candy for the title at Unforgiven. She talks herself up, calling herself the Glamazon. She grabs Maria, hits another fisherman’s suplex. Candy rushes the ring. They glare at each other before Beth leaves and Candy goes to Maria’s side.

Photos of Cena Sr.’s black eye after Orton attacked him.

– Commercial

Regal is in the ring. He says Orton demanded a rematch with Cena, but Regal denied him. Orton pleaded to Vince, but Orton had to prove he wanted it. That inspired Orton to do this – Video of Orton’s attack on Cena Sr.
Regal says Orton was supposed to be here, but he’s been given the evening off. He’s here via satellite.
Orton says he appreciates the day off, but he wishes he could be there to confront the people who things what he did is sick. Cena did this to himself. His father got kicked because of Cena. Cena could have prevented this by accepting the rematch for the title. Orton wonders if he wants the rematch now. Orton has the feeling he does.
Regal says at Unforgiven they will face each other again for the title.
Orton thanks him and says he deserves the shot. He also hoped Cena’s father never forgives him for what happened last week.
Cena comes out, no music, to mixed reviews. Cena looks totally pissed. He’s getting boos from the men and cheers from the women. He slowly comes down the ramp.
Regal says he’s just doing his job.
Cena enters the ring.
Regal tells him not to do anything he’ll regret.
“Cena” chants. Cena looks at his title belt. Cena thinks about it, looks at his dog tags. He kisses his dog tags and then attacks Regal. They roll from the ring and Cena beats on him while they roll around on the announce table and floor. Cena puts the STFU on Regal in front of the announce table. One ref tries to pull Cena off, but can’t. More refs show up and they fight Cena off Regal. Regal is in a heap and Cena looks totally pissed, still. Cena walks away and up the ramp, still fuming.

– Commercial

Video of what Cena just did to Regal.

Cade and Murdoch are at the announce table – hatless. Haas and Benjamin come down to the ring. London and Kendrick come down to face them.
Brian and Haas start. Haas takes Brian down. An arm bar on Brian. Brian gets out and tags London. London climbs and flies onto Haas’s arm. Brian tags back in and takes Haas down. A kick to Haas’s head but then London gets suplexed. A kick by Haas and Benjamin tags in. A fireman’s carry to London who then gets dropped from up high onto Benjamin’s knee. Haas tags in and covers for two. Benjamin gets a head lock on London. London flips over Benjamin and goes for a tag. Shelton grabs London’s leg and keeps him from getting the tag. They end up crashing their heads into each other. Haas manages to tag in. London finally manages to tag out. Brian hits an enziguri and a dropkick. A clothesline and Brian covers Haas for two. Benjamin rushes in to break up the cover and gets tossed out. Brian takes Haas down again and covers for three.

– Winners: London & Kendrick

Cade and Murdoch enter the ring slowly, Kendrick and London are nervous. They offer handshakes, London and Kendrick accept.

Out back Regal is sitting in the back of an ambulance when Shane walks by.

– Commercial

Carlito is out back with Umaga. Carlito is telling Umaga to take his aggression out on HHH. He says HHH was laughing at Umaga’s loss earlier.

Vince is talking to his lawyers about his money and that no one can touch it. He wants to know if the trusts funds can be broken. Vince asks about Regal. Coach says Regal is pretty beaten up. Vince says Coach will need to step up. Regal will be gone for 30 days. One lawyer says Vince should seek a settlement. Vince fires him. Vince says he wants his family to bleed. He also want to put the boots to the mother of his illegitimate child.

– Commercial

Daivari and Jillian come down to the ring together. Jillian is in white pants and a purple halter. Jillian takes Lillian’s mic and starts barraging Lillian. Jillian says she’s got an album coming out too. She just had her wisdom teeth out (and looks it – very chubby face), but will sing tonight. She pulls bloody gauze out of her mouth and hands it to Daivari. He tosses it off and they start singing together. They were horrible, but Daivari looked like he was having a blast. Cody and Mickie come out to face them. Mickie is in pink, her normal outfit.
The girls lock up. Mickie gets kicked in the gut. Mickie gets tossed across the ring by her hair. Mickie back kicks Jillian.
Daivari and Cody tag in as Jillian is holding her mouth and crying. An arm drag to Daivari. An arm bar on Daivari. Cody gets backed into a corner. A shoulder to Cody’s gut. Hard clothesline to Cody. Daivari covers for two. Scoop slam to Cody. Daivari drops and elbow for two. A face lock on Cody. A back elbow to Cody and then Daivari drops an elbow for two. Daivari drives his knee into Cody’s back a couple times. Cody fights back and hits a bulldog. Cody covers for two.
The girls rush in and attack each other. They roll from the ring. Cody hits a big DDT on Daivari and covers for three.

– Winners: Cody Rhodes & Mickie James

Cody and Mickie celebrate in the ring together. Cody lifts her up onto his shoulder in the middle of the ring striking a great pose.

– Commercial

Stay In The Game Moment – HHH on the Cabana showing off Carlito’s sister. Carlito smacks HHH. HHH hits a spine buster on Carlito, followed by the pedigree.

HHH’s music and he comes down to the ring. The fans go wild. Carlito comes down looking a bit goofy with his shorted hair. Umaga comes out to join Carlito before they enter together. Video of Umaga losing the IC Title earlier tonight.
Carlito pumps Umaga up, but Carlito starts. Carlito jumps HHH and backs him into a corner. A hard clothesline drops Carlito. Hard right hands to Carlito’s head. Carlito gets tossed across the ring by his hair. A kick to Trip’s face but HHH side steps him. Carlito flies out of the ring. HHH taunts Umaga. Umaga enters. Carlito re-enters and HHH takes him down. Umaga takes HHH down. They double team HHH. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: HHH via DQ

Carlito hits a back cracker on HHH. Umaga climbs to the second rope and hits a flying head butt into HHH’s gut. Carlito directs traffic while Umaga beats on HHH. Carlito holds the chair in front of HHH’s head. Umaga goes for the bum slam but HHH moves. Umaga’s bum hurts.
HHH grabs a chair and beats down Carlito with it. Multiple chair shots and HHH finally drops Umaga. HHH leaves the ring, grabs his sledge and returns. Carlito books it from the ring area. HHH takes the sledge to Umaga’s head. Umaga is bleeding from the head and trying to get to his feet. Umaga tries to get to his feet, but keeps falling. Even with the ropes he can’t stay up. HHH paces around him. HHH hits Umaga in the upper back with the sledge. HHH kneels over him holding his head up by the hair. Carlito stands on the stage watching. Guess this is the last we’ll see Umaga for 30 days.

Vince, Coach and the lawyers are heading for the ring.

– Commercial

JR and King go through the scheduled matches for Unforgiven.

Vince and crew come down to the ring. Vince takes a mic and tells us his name, but we can call him Mr. McMahon. He is the chairman of WWE and the patriarch of his family. This isn’t about his family, or his bastard son – it’s about money. They want a hand out, like everybody else.
Linda comes out first. He doesn’t hold the ropes for her, but Coach does. Vince asks how she expects to get her cut without her lawyer.
She says she’s the CEO of WWE. She has money, and doesn’t need her money. Thanks to all the women Coach paraded out that Vince slept with, she could take him to court for everything he has.
He says he was out on those lonely nights. He worked his fingers to the bone for this company. Linda never understood, but he thinks Steph and Shane do.
Steph comes out. Vince smiles as she does. No one holds the ropes for her. Vince says before she says anything, that she’s the volatile one. They’ve had their differences, but have had their good times too. He put a video together. Her kindergarten days, right up through graduation. It’s called ‘A Father’s Love’.
The video shows Vince beating the hell out fo Steph in the ring in their I Quit match. Coach says the video was sabotaged. Vince doesn’t care and blames Coach.
HHH is out back. He says he had nothing to do with it. He then says hi to Steph who smiles broadly. She says that no matter what he’s done to her, she does love him. But he’s sick and needs help. If he doesn’t get help, she thinks he should step down as Chairman.
He asks if she’s speaking for the family.
Shane’s music and out he comes. Vince is all happy to see Shane. He says he’s sure Shane doesn’t feel the same, that Vince should step down.
Shane asks which Vince he’s talking to? The one he’s proud to call his father. Then there’s the death faking, egomaniacal lunatic. “Asshole” chant. Vince says the next time they call his wife that name, he’ll beat the hell out of them.
Shane says they’re not there to stand against him, but he needs to change. It’s the McMahon family legacy. He needs to work out his issues, and change is up to Vince.
Vince asks if they think he can change. Steph nods. Shane says he thinks he could. Shane says he always wanted a brother.
Vince wants to make a confession. He says all the affairs are not true. None of it happened. He only said it to build his own ego. He tells Linda he’s only been unfaithful once. That’s the woman who gave birth to his bastard son. He thinks he can change. He feels like humbling himself before them. He gets on his knees. He vows to be a better father, husband and human.
Kennedy’s music and he comes out. Kennedy says he hates to do it…
Coach asks what he’s doing out there.
Kennedy says everything happens for a reason. There was a reason he came face to face to Kennedy when he found out his son worked for WWE. A reason his last name is Kennedy. A reason why if is to be announced in Kennedy’s hometown. Kennedy says he’s Vince’s son.
Steph says Kennedy may be a bastard, but he’s not Vince’s bastard.
Kennedy says Vince doesn’t need to change for anybody. If Vince hadn’t been the egomaniacal lunatic, then Kennedy wouldn’t have become the greatest WWE superstar in history. Vince inspired hi, he can listen to his own family, the one who kicks him when he’s down. Or Vince can listen to his son – Mr. Kennedy… Kennedy McMahon.
Vince smiles at him and hugs him.
Someone comes out and says he represents the woman who gave birth to Vince’s son. The son is not Kennedy.
Vince wants to know who is it. The bad actor won’t tell until next week on RAW. She has a clue as to who his son is… “Things are looking up.”

Biggest pop
Jeff Hardy

Biggest heat

Biggest mixed

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