Vince & Steph Angry At Internet Leaks, Kennedy Backstage At Raw, Rosey's Return


— Vince McMahon was said to be irate at the fact that future plans for the illegitimate son were being leaked out over the Internet. Both he and his daughter Stephanie gave a lecture to the WWE creative team about it — although they’re more than likely not the people leaking the information out. McMahon was so paranoid about the identity of the son being revealed on the Internet beforehand that he didn’t tell anyone who it was and flew in all active performers on the WWE roster to make sure that nobody could rule anyone out by process of elimination. Mr. Kennedy was backstage at Monday’s show for this reason. They’re also being very tight-lipped about where the storyline goes from here, which also suggests that Hornswaggle as the child isn’t the end of it.

— Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i is currently training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. The feeling is he’ll be offered his job with WWE back.

— Discussions are ongoing about how to incorporate drug testing with developmental talent. WWE pretty much only tests contracted talent at WWE events, particularly SuperShows when everyone on the main roster is available. Developmental talent do get tested, but presumably not that frequently. The only developmental wrestler known to fail a Wellness test was Ryan Reeves, who was released earlier in the year.

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