Haute Couture Week: How luxury labels resonated on social media

Fashion’s biggest luxury labels came together digitally at the end of January for Haute Couture Week, a show that this year was forced online due to the pandemic.

Some 28 brands, including the likes of Chanel, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Dior and Valentino, showed off their latest collections via their websites and social media platforms, which since the pandemic have been an increasingly important tool for luxury label’s to communicate with the world.

So how exactly did these brands resonate on social media? UK-based marketing software company Dash Hudson dug into how the biggest fashion names performed on Instagram during the week. Here’s what they found:


Dior’s Haute Couture content, which comprised looks inspired by a deck of tarot cards decorated by the artist Bonifacio Bembo for the Duke of Milan in the 15th century, amassed 2.4 million likes during the digital event, 18 percent more than any other designer. The luxury label had an estimated reach of 268 million, and received 11,658 comments, with in an engagement rate of 0.27 percent.

Photo credit: Dior

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani’s Haute Couture, which comprised dresses made of tulle, crystals and floral embroidery, saw the highest engagement on Instagram than any other designer, at 0.81 percent. The Italian label also has an estimated reach of 11.9 million and attracted 319,091 likes and 2,763 comments.


Chanel’s Haute Couture, which was inspired by wedding parties and struck a balance between feminine and masculine with a combination of bright florals and structured menswear, reached 296 million users on Instagram, more than any other luxury label. The collection attracted 2 million likes and 9,488 comments, with an average engagement rate of 0.21 percent.

Photo credit: Chanel


Valentino’s Haute Couture show, which saw bright colours, shimmery surprises and exaggerated heels, achieved a total estimated reach of 43 million, with 213,374 likes and 1,703 comments. Its engagement for posts during the event of 0.15 percent was 25 percent higher than its average.


Fendi’s show, which saw Kim Jones make his womenswear debut for the label, achieved a total estimated reach of 153 million, with 762,869 likes and 3,269 comments. Its engagement for posts during the event of 0.15 percent was 15.3 percent higher than its average.

Photo credit: Fendi

Main article image: Fendi

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