WWE Postpones Tonight's Show, No Non-Contracted Talent At FCW, OVW News

partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— WWE released the following statement regarding tonight’s scheduled house show in Wichita Falls, Texas:

Wichita Falls show postponed
Written: July 1, 2007

STAMFORD, Conn. – Tonight’s show in Wichita Falls, Texas has been postponed due to heavy flooding. World Wrestling Entertainment will reschedule it for a later date.

Check WWE.com frequently for further information regarding this date and other live event updates.

— John Laurinaitis doesn’t want any talent not contracted to WWE training or working for Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s newest developmental territory. Both Ohio Valley Wrestling and the defunct Deep South Wrestling would often use a smorgasbord of indy wrestlers not under contract to WWE, but vying for jobs, on their shows. Laurinaitis wants to focus on people who may have an actual future in WWE, and do away with the unnecessary scrap heap taking up valuable space this time around. By all accounts, people who were in Deep South Wrestling and are now in Tampa for FCW think the promotion is being run a whole lot better than DSW.

— OVW is also phasing out those uncontracted workers from the main shows, for the most part. However, they still want to have ties to them (especially considering that some of them pay money for training at the OVW school), and thus they recently created a promotion called Derby City Wrestling. The promotion features talent with ties to OVW, but not under contract to WWE. So it’s like a developmental league to another developmental league. This new promotion will give work to wrestlers who aren’t quite ready to appear on OVW shows, or can’t get much in-ring practice because people under contract to WWE come first and get most of the spots on the card. You can visit the newly-created promotion’s website at DerbyCityWrestling.com. DCW events are held at the Davis Arena in Louisville, the same place that holds OVW TV tapings and where the OVW school is located.

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