Next Week’s Draft Lottery, WWE Corporate, Hilarious WWE Blooper

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– It would be an understatement to say that there are very high expectations for next week’s WWE Draft Lottery which will air in RAW’s slot beginning one hour earlier. Internally in WWE they are expecting the show to surpass a 4.0 cable rating. The show has done a 3.2 and 3.8 the past two respective weeks.

– WWE’s new Executive Vice President of Marketing, Geof Rochester, is the first African-American board member or Executive V.P. in World Wrestling Entertainment.

– In a funny WWE blooper, as we reported yesterday, WWE released a new Vengeance PPV promotional poster, replacing Undertaker with Edge. The image, obviously photoshopped to reflect Edge’s unexpected World Title win due to Undertaker’s injury, still features Undertaker’s hands but Edge’s body. This became clear when you look at the hands holding the World Title as Taker wears fingerless UFC style gloves while Edge does not.

EXCLUSIVE – View The Two Vengeance PPV Posters Side-By-Side Here (HILARIOUS) >>

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