The Harsh Line Given For Angel Williams' Release

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Angel Williams had been in WWE’s developmental system for about two and half years and just wasn’t able to make it to the main roster for one reason or another. She was really close to being called up on at least two occasions, but it seems like something would always come up at the last minute to prevent her from finally breaking through into the big leagues.

Williams was on the brink of being called up to the SmackDown roster in January 2006 to replace Jillian Hall as JBL’s consultant, but her knee blew out at a Deep South Wrestling show a few days before her scheduled WWE debut. Also, Vince McMahon was impressed with how Jillian Hall reacted to The Boogeyman biting the cookie-like “growth” on her face on TV, so he changed his mind on replacing her. She was then close to being called with The Gymini, but the team didn’t impress management in their dark matches late last year, and they were subsequently let go about two months later.

Anyways, the reason given for Angel Williams’ firing is that well, management just didn’t feel that she was pretty enough to be a WWE Diva, and thus she was let go. also reported that she had a bit of an attitude problem at times while in DSW, although it doesn’t look like she was necessarily released for that.

Furthermore, a person in the know with things down in Ohio Valley Wrestling said that Williams burst into tears upon receiving the news of her termination from Stephanie McMahon, who personally informed her that she was being let go from WWE. After her meeting with Stephanie, “she was blubbering like a baby,” the source said.

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