Ricciardo samples McLaren MCL35M at Silverstone

Daniel Riccardo took over from Lando Norris on Tuesday afternoon at Silverstone as the Aussie sampled McLaren’s new MCL35M during the team’s filming day at the British track.

Both drivers were forced to contend with predictably wet conditions as they conducted a thorough systems check of their new mount during their respective runs.

On Monday, at McLaren’s team launch at Woking, Ricciardo revealed he had signed a three deal with the papaya squad, a duration that attests to the 31-year-old’s commitment to McLaren and his hope of reaching his dream of winning the world championship.

“It’s three years [on the contract] so it’s certainly enough time to get this thing going,” Ricciardo said.

“Obviously, I feel I’m coming here with a bunch of momentum behind the team as well.

“We don’t have a crystal ball. Leaving Red Bull or leaving Renault, it’s obviously what I feel is right.

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“Do I know 100 per cent how it’s going to turn out? I don’t, but I certainly feel like McLaren have done the right things particularly the last few years to set themselves up for these rule changes coming in ’22.

“That kind of next era of F1 has the ability to turn the field around a little bit and everything I’ve seen and known up until now really excites me about where McLaren is heading.”

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