Hamilton wants FIA to ‘apply pressure’ on Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton believes the FIA must increase its scrutiny of Red Bull, suggesting the governing body has given the Milton Keynes-based outfit too much “wiggle room” with regard to the regulations.

In Spain, Hamilton was vocal on Red Bull’s use of what he called a “bendy wing”, or a flexible rear wing mounted on the team’s RB16B that reduces drag at high speed.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner admitted to being surprised by Hamilton’s comment, insisting the car’s aero appendage had passed the FIA’s stringent load tests without any issues.

However, after the Spanish GP weekend, the FIA published a technical directive in which it warned teams of the introduction of new anti-flexing tests from the French GP.

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In Monaco on Wednesday, Hamilton took another shot at Red Bull’s “bendy wing” and urged the FIA to tighten its control.

“It’s [the wing] going to be worth at least six-tenths there [at Baku], probably,” Hamilton told Sky Sports.

“I think we need to continue to apply pressure to the FIA to just do a better job of controlling things, you know…

“If you look at the last race, for example, we were supposed to all keep our [tyre] blankets on in qualifying. Red Bull were allowed to take theirs off, and no-one else is allowed to.

“So I think we just need to make sure it’s consistent for everyone.

“What you’ve got to acknowledge is that these engineers are geniuses, so if you leave them wiggle room, they will wiggle.”

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl echoed Hamilton’s comment regarding policing the use of flexible wings. But the German believes the FIA should have clamped down earlier on the aero ploy, calling the delay “unacceptable”.

“When you see all the videos and pictures from Barcelona it’s pretty clear what was happening there,” said Seidl.

“Therefore we welcome the reaction from the FIA with a technical directive which we are also happy with, the basic content.

“From our point of view there is no reason after not just one team – we talk about more teams here – had already the advantage of doing things which in our point of view are clearly against the regulations.

“They had the advantage already for several races, which is something we’re obviously not happy with.

“But now allowing them to have further advantage for some more races is clearly something we strongly disagree and we’re already in conversation with FIA.

“It is clear with having flexible wings in place obviously you have a big advantage especially on tracks like Baku,” Seidl said.

“You simply can run a lot more downforce instead of the top speed. Which is why this topic keeps coming back every now and then.

“But again, there’s regulations in place and every car has to comply with the regulations, simple as that.”

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