Cody Rhodes Says AEW Is “Definitely” Heading To The UK In 2020

It’s good news for UK wrestling fans today as Cody Rhodes has confirmed that AEW is “definitely” heading to the UK for some shows.

Cody has consistently stated that AEW will go to the UK at some point, but during a conversation on the Wrestling Observer Radio he stated that moment will take place in 2020 at some stage.

While he still hasn’t given a specific date on when that will happen, Cody has said it will be this year as they want to do shows in London and Manchester. He added that he hopes to do an actual mini-tour at some point in the future for the UK fans.

Cody said: “Yeah, just a very vague 2020, but I will hold my word, and Tony will hold his word, and The Bucks, and Kenny, and everybody. We have to go, we have to go to London and Manchester and there’s a lot of great markets in the UK, but 2020 we have to take those steps for sure and I think we’ll do well…It’ll definitely happen in 2020 and hopefully, we get some more news about that. I will say it will probably be a series of shows, like a mini-tour, and I could be totally wrong here. My goal would be to do a mini-tour.”

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Wrestling Observer Radio

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