The Bella Twins Discuss Their Upcoming Memoir: “There’s A Lot Of Stories”

The Bella Twins recently spoke about their upcoming memoir, ‘Incomparable’ on The Bellas Podcast where they discussed making the book.

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“We’re really really excited about this book but also really really nervous” Brie began on this week’s episode of The Bella Twins Podcast. “You know, Nicole and I obviously as reality stars we’ve always put our lives out there. We don’t hold back the good, the bad, the ugly, you name it, we show it. But one thing that we kind of never told anyone about was our childhood and how we were raised into these strong women. And that is what our book will that you know. From the moment we shared a womb together, to where we’re at today. So we’re really excited for you all. And there’s a lot of stories you don’t know about my sister!”

Nikki then added that it was tough for her working out what they should put into the book, with even their own mother not knowing some of the stories.

Nikki Bella echoed Brie’s sentiments, saying “it’s true there’s a lot I shared in this book that I’ve actually never talked about beyond my therapist and my sister. Even my mom will be hearing some stories for the first time. And I think you know sometimes we never actually get to hear from people all the time. Do we open up in this way when it comes to writing a book? And then Brie and I sat down with our ghostwriter. It was like therapy sessions.”

Nikki elaborated further, saying “we just started talking about our life and I remember going to, her name’s Elise, and I was like. I don’t know, ‘maybe I shouldn’t put that in or I should hold back?’ And Elise really opened up my eyes to how my stories can help other women and girls out there. Help them make different decisions or be stronger in this situation.”

An example of the major stories that the book will include is an emotional one from Brie, who opens up about her high school boyfriend who sadly died.

Brie also revealed that there is a chapter about her high school boyfriend, Bear. In the past Brie has been scarce on detail regarding his death, but it is addressed in the book. “One chapter is about Bear” Brie revealed. “He was my boyfriend who passed away in high school [during]my senior year, and the impact of not only him when he was alive what he did to my life and how he changed me, but how his death changed me too. And it changed me in a spiritual way but also just, you know. I thought I literally was on this one path.”

‘Incomparable’ will be available to purchase May 5th via Simon & Schuster and Amazon.

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