NWA Powerrr Recap (12/3): Wildcards vs Rock ‘n’ Roll Express for the NWA Tag Team Titles

NWA Powerrr Recap
December 3, 2019

— This is the official season one finale, ahead of next weekend’s NWA Into The Fire pay-per-view in Atlanta.

— Colt Cabana was supposed to wrestle Ricky Starks, but they were interrupted by Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. Cabana baited Stevens into fighting Starks, claiming he’s “just an actor” and that he didn’t have a shot against a real professional wrestler. The crowd liked Question Mark, so Stevens sent him to the back for the cheap heat.

— Aron Stevens def. Ricky Starks. After about two minutes of running away Stevens, who was dressed in flesh-colored trunks that make him look nude, faked a knee injury to draw attention. Question Mark came back and beat up Starks, hit him with the claw and Stevens made the cover to steal the win.

— Nick Aldis vs. James Storm for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship in a Two Out of Three Falls match will be the main event of Into The Fair. Both competitors will select their own referee for the first two falls of the match.

— We hear from “The Cowboy” James Storm, who questions what Kamille has been up to lately. What did she whisper in his ear? Storm talks about how he wasn’t even booked on the first Powerrr even when he was champion, and how there’s a conspiracy out against him. His referee for the title match will be NWA senior official Brian Hebner.

— Footage is aired from WrestleCade of Nick Aldis coming face-to-face with the Great Muta, and laying the title down on the mat between them.

— Melina is interviewed and claims women have merely been a commercial break since she left wrestling. She’s been through hell and back, and she brings out the best in people, like a real champion. She doesn’t care what people are feeling about her. NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay runs out and gets in her face, claiming Melina is a coward who doesn’t fight her own fights. The two get in the ring, but of course Melina bails. Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa hit the ring and double teamed the champion. Marti gave her a Pedigree to end the beatdown.

— We hear from Nick Aldis, who wants to know what James Storm has actually done to earn his spot other than run his mouth. He says Storm would never have had the shot if he hadn’t gone to management and told them that’s who he wants to face next. Aldis claims Storm doesn’t really want to face Aldis in a Two Out of Three Falls match, because it’s not even going to be close. His referee for the match will be someone who truly understands what’s at stake, because he was willing to put up his career for one for match. Tim Storm.

— Aldis also says that he’s been asked about him and Kamille so many times. Her actions are her own, but the reality is that she’s become a distraction, and it’s not worth her being out there. At Into The Fire, she has the night off. But once it’s all over, he claims Kamille will be back by his side again.

— The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express def. The WIldcards (c) to become the new NWA World Tag Team Champions! Wildcards had a bit of miscommunication and Gibson threw one into the other, then won the match with a surprise rollup. Jim Cornette hit the ring to celebrate with the legends. The crowd chants “nine times!” over and over to end the show.

— Jim Cornette was acknowledged for his contributions to the NWA and thanked for his work over the years, and on NWA Powerrr.

— It was announced that Stu Bennett, formerly WWE Superstar Bad News Barrett, will be joining the commentary team at NWA Into The Fire.

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