Billy Corgan Bringing Old School ‘Studio Wrestling’ Back to Atlanta, NWA TV Tapings Announced

NWA President Billy Corgan dropped a bombshell announcement on Wednesday afternoon, confirming recent rumors that the National Wrestling Alliance is heading back to the studio for its very own stand-alone television tapings.

Every since the Smashing Pumpkins frontman purchased the NWA back in 2017, he and his small team have been working tirelessly to rebuild the once-great wrestling juggernaut. In doing so they have taken a lot of help from partner promotions, including an extensive relationship with Ring of Honor that saw an exchanging of talent, and championships defended across both brands.

However, it would appear that Corgan & Co. are finally ready to step out on their own with two nights of television tapings in Atlanta, Georgia – a city absolutely soaked in professional wrestling history – on September 30th and October 1st.

“It’s one thing to say you’re rebooting the NWA, it’s another thing to run matches on somebody else’s stage. We’re very grateful to those people who shared their stage with us – most recently Ring of Honor, which was an incredible opportunity – but now it’s our time to step forward. It’s time to bring the NWA back into the spotlight, and run on its own oxygen. We’re very excited to announce that in October, in Atlanta, we will be doing our own television again.”

Corgan also made it a point to talk about the history of studio wrestling, or the old practice of taping wrestling shows in the same place week-to-week, generally in a smaller studio space permanently equipped with the necessary cameras and production tools.

This helps cut down tremendously on the costs of a traveling show, and also creates a unique, some say more intimate atmosphere with a smaller crowd. The most recent examples of this are of course NXT taping at Full Sail University, and Impact Wrestling at Orlando Studios.

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“The thing that sticks out in my mind about studio wrestling, particularly in the 1970s and 80s, was anything could really happen. You had people getting up very early in the morning, Saturday morning kid’s television, and it had a real feeling of chaos and anarchy. That really sold to me, as a fan, that there was an element of danger, and an element of ‘anything can happen’. I really to bring that back to professional wrestling, and I think that the NWA is the perfect vehicle to do that.”

Finally, Mr. Corgan sent out a message to any and all talent who may be interested in wrestling for the NWA going forward, as they embark on this new journey back into the world of television.

“If you’re a talent and you’re interested in the NWA product, and you’re interested in being on NWA television as we go forward, here’s what you need to know. If you’re truly a talented person, and you can make people care about you; if you’re truly a talented person, and you can wrestle a match that will make people want to see, and pay to see you again – that is what the NWA television product is gonna be. You will have every opportunity to reach people, just like those wrestlers in my time reached me, you will have that same opportunity. We will be unscripted, uncensored, and really in-your-face in a way that no wrestling promotion has been in a very long time.”

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