Cody Rhodes Claims That AEW Has Only Unveiled 40% Of Its Roster

Cody Rhodes recently responded to a fan on social media who was giving their opinion about the AEW roster, with Rhodes making a major statement.

The fan was claiming that the vast majority of the AEW roster is small at the moment, yet Rhodes claimed that there is only 40% of the AEW roster revealed right now.

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It is worth noting that the current AEW roster has 37 male talents and 12 women talents. For comparisons sakes, the WWE Raw roster (not taking in the Wildcard rule), has 40 men and 15 women, whilst the WWE SmackDown Live roster has 36 men and 14 women.

It will be interesting to see when AEW reveals the other 60% of the roster, with the company already teasing two mystery partners for Chris Jericho on the very first TV taping, which could be the start of that taking place.

We’ve revealed about 40% of the roster. Sometimes it’s better to let the painter paint and then judge the picture.

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) August 11, 2019

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