Booker T on Reuniting w/ Impact Wrestling This Weekend for ‘Deep Impact’ in Houston

2x WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was recently spoke with Wrestling INC., and various other media,┬áto discuss his upcoming Deep Impact show. The event will be a cross-promotion between Booker’s Reality of Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling.

Booker said that working for WWE while cross-promoting a show with IMPACT Wrestling was proof that the business is “on fire.”

“I mean, wrestling is on fire right now, and to be able to cross-promote… We’re giving the fans what they want to see more than anything, as well as, I’ve got a good crop of hungry, hungry guys and girls down here that just want to get their feet wet. And it’s always better to get it done with some quality workers, like Impact! So, I’m looking forward to it. It will be good.”

Booker T also talked about mentoring AJ Styles, Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode during his time with IMPACT. He said their success is proof that IMPACT has a lot of “diamonds,” and that the company lost a bit of momentum.

“Those were the guys that I really wanted to get my hands on and say, ‘Hey man, you guys have a lot of talent. You can go wherever you want to go in this business and do whatever you want to do.’ And I just thought, TNA has so many diamonds. Not in the rough – Diamonds that they could have just polished up a little bit and really let run that company. Like I said, they lost their momentum, they lost their focus, as well as losing their vision, especially when they went away from the six-sided ring. I just thought that was their identity. But I do believe in the young talent and I believe in young people.”

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Wrestling INC.

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