WWE Raw Ends With an Ominous Message from The Undertaker to Goldberg

The Undertaker appeared on the June 3 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw and as advertised, he addressed his upcoming match with Goldberg.

That match is scheduled for Friday, June 7 at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia. The two legends have never met in a one-on-one bout before, so it’s definitely a dream match for Vince McMahon’s company. But The Deadman delivered an ominous message during his promo, leaving no doubt that he’s ready for June 7.

Taker made it known that he doesn’t want Goldberg the family man. He wants Goldberg the icon, the man that once captivated the pro wrestling world. Anything less and Undertaker won’t hesitate to take Goldberg out. The Phenom ended his promo with Goldberg’s famous “you’re next” catchphrase.

While many fans are surely anxious to see this match, it’s indeed curious to see what sort of response the bout will receive. Goldberg typically does not work more than a few minutes in the ring and The Undertaker typically works longer matches.

Then there’s the fact that some fans are perhaps not too high on this one. Both Goldberg and Undertaker are well past their primes and that may affect their chemistry in the ring at Super ShowDown. Goldberg left WWE on such a high note after his WrestleMania 33 loss to Brock Lesnar. That match, while not a technical masterpiece, was very well received and gave Goldberg the kind of exit he was looking for. Whether or not his return at Super ShowDown will end on another high note, remains to be seen.

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