Chris Jericho To Cody Rhodes: “Shut Your Mouth & Remember Who’s Running The Show”

Earlier today All Elite Wrestling released a brand new episode of The Road to Double or Nothing, where Chris Jericho finally came face-to-face with AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes after months of taking shots at his new boss through social media and various videos, likely to promote a match between the two down the line.

The rivalry could turn into a solid main event for the upcoming AEW Fight for the Fallen event, or the confirmed ALL IN sequel set to return to Chicago over Labor Day weekend. It has primarily revolved around Jericho’s refusal to consider Cody a legitimate authority figure, believing that he deserves thanks from everyone in the company.

The nearly 30-year wrestling veteran has certainly cultivated an incredible year for himself. After facing Tetsuya Naito in a high profile match at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Wrestle Kingdom 13 to kick off 2019, Jericho will headline AEW Double or Nothing later this month against Kenny Omega, before returning to Japan to challenge Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at Dominion this June.

Jericho has released a brand new video once again targeting Cody, calling him a “son of a bitch” and once again claiming that he is the icon responsible for All Elite Wrestling existing at all. In the video, he mocks the idea that he might be fined for his actions, sarcastically throwing hundred dollar bills into the air and even writing a $20,000 check to “Cody Khan”.

“Just saw you on the Road to Double or Nothing, Cody, bragging once again that you’re my boss. So now I know what your last name is. Are you Cody Khan? Is that why you’re my boss? Because as far as I know, the Khans are my boss, not you, you little son of a bitch.”

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“You wanna fine me? How much, Cody? $200? $300? $1000? How about some yen? Take that too. How about a bigger fine? I’ll write you a check right now. $20,000 to Cody Khan. Is that enough of a fine? Is that enough to shut your mouth?”

“Don’t you ever forget the reason why you have that nice little office. You can sit there and take advice from Glacier, who hasn’t done shit since 1988, and the guy with the apple — I don’t his name, and I don’t want to know his name. Shut your mouth, and remember who’s running the show here.”

“You want to be my boss? I don’t listen to anybody, or anything. I do what I want to do, Cody. So you sit in your office and keep writing your little children’s books. I’m sure it’s a great story about a guy who made it. A guy who did the unthinkable — because of me! Don’t ever forget. You’re not my boss, you little bastard.”

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