Ed Nordholm Discusses Whether IMPACT Wrestling Would Work With All Elite Wrestling

Prior to last nights IMPACT Wrestling Homecoming PPV, Ed Nordholm hosted a press conference discussing various topics including if they will work with AEW. Below are some highlights with a H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.


“Everything is possible,” Nordholm responded. “I think we’d be in the forefront of encouraging collaborations among the bigger and the smaller wrestling promotions. As an organization we’re sure that we would all be stronger if we were collaborating, rather than fighting each other. … It’s a world in which we would welcome an opportunity to work with Ring of Honor. It’s a world in which we would welcome an opportunity working with New Japan. It’s a world in which we welcome working with AEW, if they actually get up and running. We have interest in them, I don’t think we have any bias against any of that happening.”

“The challenge always is what is the mutual benefit of doing it,” Nordholm continued. “We’ve established we have a proven, very strong tradition with AAA, doing what’s mutually beneficial for both of us, and we’re both stronger because of it. It allows us to populate our rosters and be sure they have work. Showing very interesting things that fans haven’t seen until we started doing it. So, with those types of models—I’d be thrilled to work with Ring of Honor, New Japan, and AEW, if they actually get going. We might see other guys who are running major shows who want to work with us in the same way in the future.”

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