Vickie Guerrero Throws Support Behind Border Wall

Vickie Guerrero took to Twitter today to voice her displeasure with unverified US Immigration Policy. A conversation with a Customs Agent inspired the tweet, in which she voiced displeasure with rumored claims of illegal aliens being flown to Houston. Guerrero, a native of Texas, ended the tweet with a hashtag supporting the $5 billion border wall, proposed by WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, that is currently at the center of the government shutdown. has found no evidence of the story that Guerrero referenced, and her later claims that illegal immigrants pay no taxes have been debunked by a 2014 Internal Revenue Service estimate that undocumented immigrants pay roughly $9 billion in taxes annually, with more than $12 billion collected in 2010.

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Insight for my morning…boarding a plane this morning and 10 illegals are being flown to Houston, handcuffed returning to their country. I was talking to the customs agent…guess who is paying for their plane tickets…you and me! #ivoteforwall

— Vickie Guerrero (@VickieGuerrero) January 22, 2019

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