WWE Royal Rumble Results – New Champion Crowned, Did Balor Slay The Beast? Who Is Going To WrestleMania?

WWE Royal Rumble Results
January 27, 2019
Phoenix, AZ

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Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

Royal Rumble Kickoff Show


Apparently Drake Maverick worked up a deal to have Rezar from AOP team with Scott Dawson from The Revival. If they are victorious, they will receive a future tag team championship match for each of their teams.

Roode starts the match with Dawson. Dawson starts quickly on Roode, but Roode is able to get the tag to Gable, who gets the arm drag takedown on Dawson. Gable looks to focus on the arm of Dawson, but Dawson reverses into a rollup, Gable reverses himself into a pinning combination. Both men get up and Gable surprises Dawson with a cross body off the second rope.

Dawson tags in Rezar, who comes in and chokeslams Chad Gable. Rezar tags in Dawson again and he locks in a rear chin lock to Gable. Gable breaks out and Dawson tags in Rezar, who starts to rain down blows on the head of Gable. Rezar tags in Dawson and these two men are employing frequent tags! Dawson tags in Gable, and Gable collides weirdly with Dawson. Gable finally tags in Roode, and he comes in on fire, taking out everyone and delivering a spinebuster to Dawson. Roode holds Dawson and Gable delivers a moonsault onto him and its a great double team to pick up the victory.

Winners: Chad Gable & Bobby Roode


Shinsuke starts by running at Rusev, but Rusev shows his strength and drives Nakamura into the turnbuckle hard. Rusev slams Nakamura into the ground and he starts to drive elbows into Nakamura, before picking him up and delivering two vertical suplexes. Shinsuke gets up and Rusev clotheslines him over the rope to the outside.

Rusev follows Nakamura and tries to send him into the steel steps, but Nakamura jumps over them and then hits a jumping kick to the head of Rusev. Rusev gets sent into the barricade before getting back in to the ring. Nakamura puts Rusev in the corner and give Rusev Bad Vibrations. Nakamura locks in a front face lock, slowing Rusev down, sucking the oxygen out of the Super Athlete. Rusev fights back up and throws Nakamura up and then back down to the mat.

Rusev picks Nakamura back up and tosses Shinsuske across the ring with a fallaway slam. Shinsuke is outside of the ring and winds up as it looks like he is going for a Suicide Dive! Nakamura blocks him at the pass, and then puts him back in the ring to hit Rusev with a series of kicks, and then a running knee, nearly taking the head off of Rusev. Both men are up now and Rusev surprises Nakamura with a Matchka kick! Rusev goes to reach for Shinsuke, but Nakamura turns it into an armbar! Rusev fights to keep his arm bent, but Nakamura turns it into a triangle!

Rusev looks like he is fading fast, and he tries to lift Shinsuke up but no success. He tries once again and succeeds, but Nakamura turns it into a guillotine! Rusev is nearly out now, but is somehow able to muster up strength to turn it into a vertical suplex.

Both men are out and Shinsuke is up first. As the ref checks on Rusev, Nakamura tries to undo the turnbuckle pad, but Lana is up on the apron to stop him. The ref notices and tells Lana to put her shoes back on as he ignores Nakamura clearly in the corner, but Rusev tries to stop the interference and tries to nail Nakamura, but instead he sends Lana off the apron hard. Rusev tries to check on Lana, but Nakamura hits Rusev in the back of the head with a Kinshasa to pick up the victory.

Winner AND NEW WWE United States Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura


Hideo gets out of the ring right away to watch the action. Kalisto does some beautiful springboards to hit a hurricanrana to Murphy on the outside. Kalisto runs off the apron to dive onto Murphy but Murphy catches him in suplex position and suplexes him onto the outside. Itami is in now waiting for Murphy and Murphy and Itami trade kicks and then strikes, but Itami is too much for Murphy.

Itami puts Kalisto on the ring apron and stands on the second rope, looking to suplex him up and over. Murphy interrupts and puts Kalisto on his shoulders. Tozawa decided to run off the ropes, dive THROUGH The legs of Itami, hitting a suicide dive onto Kalisto, who turns THAT into a hurricanrana to Murphy into the barricade.

A lot of incredible things happening throughout this match, and it’s hard to follow. Highly recommend catching this one, and every man is showcased great.

Itami and Murphy are left standing, slugging it out, but eventually every man is hitting kicks over and over. Murphy eventually picks up the victory by hitting Murphy’s Law to Hideo Itami.

Winner AND STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Buddy Murphy

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