Defiant Wrestling Bans ‘Fan’ Over Online Toni Storm Comments

The recent invasion of Toni Storm’s privacy has seen the best and worst of professional wrestling, but Defiant Wrestling made a stand against one troll.

Whilst the vast majority of wrestling fans have come out to get behind the Mae Young Classic winner, showing their support with the #WeSupportToni movement, some so-called ‘fans’ have obviously been quick to share the images online.

One individual in the UK has been tweeting about the Toni Storm leaks, asking where he can find the images and not defending her with the recent support.

Thankfully, this person got what they had coming to them as UK independent company, Defiant Wrestling worked out that they had a ticket for its upcoming show this Saturday, which sees the return of PAC to Newcastle, England.

Defiant tweeted the individual and let them know that the tickets they originally bought have been canceled and that even if they appear on the door, they won’t be allowed in as their face is known to those on the door, showing fantastic class and support to one of the very best wrestlers in the world.

Hey @thewrestlinnoob, you probably won’t see this given you’ve since deleted your account…But you’re not welcome on Saturday. We have cancelled your 2 tickets. You can explain to your friend why they no longer have one.

Don’t buy from elsewhere; your face will be on the door.

— DEFIANT Wrestling (@DEFIANTwres) January 3, 2019

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