Several Backstage Notes From WWE SmackDown 1000, Original Planned Opening Segment, More

Several backstage notes from WWE SmackDown 1000 are now available, including what the originally planned opening segment was.

The opening segment for the show was actually scheduled to be the WWE World Cup Qualifier between Shinsuke Nakamura and the returning Rey Mysterio, but shuffling around in the final few hours saw the Truth TV segment be brought in.

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Other segments reportedly overran with Truth TV and the Evolution segment being two of those segments, with Mysterio’s return match also having time taken from it as well as several other segments being dropped, including one for James Ellsworth, which ended up on WWE’s YouTube channel instead.

The Rusev and Miz match was reportedly always planned to be as short as it was and despite being reported as being backstage, Kane wasn’t at the show. It has also been reported that Batista was very late to the show, with PWInsider claiming he didn’t get to the arena until 6 PM, which is very late by WWE standards considering that the show aired at 8 PM.


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