The Miz Calls Daniel Bryan’s WWE Comeback ‘Kind of a Bust’, Says Bryan Plays a Great Victim in WWE (Video)

WWE star The Miz spoke with Inside the Ropes during SummerSlam week, and you can watch the entire interview in the above video player. During the interview, Miz spoke candidly about his rivalry with Daniel Bryan, their infamous Talking Smack segment, their match at SummerSlam this Sunday and more. Below are some interview highlights.

On Daniel Bryan’s WWE in-ring comeback:

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“This is his proving match. His entire comeback has been kinda of a bust, am I wrong? It’s not what it’s wanted to be. So this is the match that he has to do it. He loses, he’s done. Think about it. If he loses are you still gonna cheer for him?”

On why he became so heated during him and Daniel Bryan’s infamous Talking Smack segment:

“It seems to me that everyone’s always cheering Daniel Bryan and applauding, because he’s so endearing, he’s so sympathetic. He’s a great victim. He plays the best victim out of anyone I’ve ever seen in WWE. And he has everyone fooled, but he didn’t have me fooled.”

On Daniel Bryan having yet to re-sign with WWE:

“Why wouldn’t he sign the contract? If a guy has been fighting for his dreams and trying all with his might to comeback to WWE, now he’s gonna not sign his contract? This is the guy you all cheer and root for? My contract is signed, I’m here two more years. Happy.”

You can hear more from Miz in the above video player.

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