Jeff Hardy On If The Young Bucks Will Ever End Up in WWE

WWE star Jeff Hardy recently spoke with Sportskeeda, and below are some interview highlights.

On The Young Bucks ever signing with WWE:

“I feel like it’s a possibility. They’re so talented. I mean it’ll be great to mix it up with those guys in the WWE. They’re doing their own thing and in a way, that’s what’s so cool about it. They’re their own boss. They can do what they want and nobody tells them what they can’t do. I respect those guys so much. I expect it’s very possible that they get here.”

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On WWE’s current best tag team:

“Best Tag Team? Let’s see. The B-Team, because I saw them retain recently. I’m going to go with The Usos because I’m on SmackDown and they’re on SmackDown. I get to watch them and they’re bad a**. The Usos!”

Back in May of this year, The Bucks appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast, and at the time Matt Jackson had the following to say on why he would not sign with WWE right now:

“If we left right now [for WWE], it would be kind of dumb of us because they couldn’t pay us what we’re making right now, not with the schedule we’re on too. There’s no way.” Matt clarified, “of course they could [afford the pay]! Do you know what I mean? I just don’t think they would!”

“I’m so used to being in charge of everything.” Matt explained, “our entire business, we run this thing together. Like, I’m on my phone all day. My wife’s helping me do it too, but we do this independently, so it would be so hard for me to just give all that up, to go, ‘here you go! Here are the keys to the car.’”

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