Why Were Edge & Christian Backstage At Backlash?, Vader Reveals He Is Looking To Wrestle Again, Heat Hits Network

WWE legends, Edge and Christian were both spotted backstage at WWE Backlash last night, which led to speculation that they would be involved in the show.

Of course, neither man was involved in any segments on the show, so why were they there? Alongside just seeing friends, the main reason the duo were backstage was in advance of producing the second season of the popular; The Edge and Christian Show for the WWE Network. Production is scheduled to take place through the weekend of 5/25.

Heat On WWE Network

The popular former WWE TV show, Sunday Night Heat, will begin to appear on the WWE Network today as the company begins to add episodes of the show to its collection. WWE started adding Camp WWE season 2 episodes during the weekend as well.

Vader Plans To Wrestle Again

Despite undergoing serious heart surgery, WWE legend, Vader has announced he is planning on wrestling again in the near future. Even though it might not be the safest of ideas, Vader stated that he is hoping to get a medical release in order to wrestle again.

Looking good hope to get an medical release to wrestle again soon https://t.co/ZscUktrOt4

— Big Van Vader (@itsvadertime) May 7, 2018

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