The Truth Behind the Ongoing Bullet Club Logo Drama

For fans who have been asking, the ongoing issue of the Bullet Club logo changing is all part of the current story line involving The Elite, in which Cody Rhodes unveiled earlier this week the new Bullet Club logo which you can check out below.

On the latest edition of “Being the Elite”, The Young Bucks questioned Rhodes’ decision to change the logo, and are further questioning Cody’s motives as of late.

Earlier today, The Bucks announced, via Pro Wrestling Tees, that the logo will indeed not be changing, which has prompted legitimate fan confusion regarding the ongoing drama surrounding the logo. To make it clear, this is all part of the story line involving Cody, The Bucks and Bullet Club heading into ROH Supercard of Honor this weekend.

Below are some Tweets on the angle:

Due to the overwhelming response to Cody’s proposed logo change. Matt & Nick Jackson, with the support of the Bullet Club, have opted to NOT change the logo.

— OneHourTees (@OneHourTees) April 2, 2018

I understand many people are upset, but just remember…a boss has the title. A leader has the people. I choose to lead!

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 2, 2018

Ultimately I felt it was in the best interest of the Bullet Club and the fans, to maintain the current logo. I hope the viewers are pleased with my decision.

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 2, 2018

“New Logo” – Being The Elite Ep. 99 #BeingTheElite #BTE #TeamCody

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) April 2, 2018

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We always make the executive decisions.

— The Young Bucks (@MattJackson13) April 2, 2018

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