Brand New WWE Funko Pops To Be Released, Which Superstars Will Be Available?

The popular Funko Pops collection figures have revealed that they are going to be releasing a brand new series of WWE related toys in the near future, but which superstars are available?

The figures have become a must-have for avid collectors and wrestling fans (or Zack Ryder), with plenty of WWE superstars already being created. Talents such as Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, and the Randy Savage already have figures available but the new range boasts some absolute must-haves for collectors.

The following people are available in the latest range, which will be released to the public in June:

-Asuka (Three different versions)
-Kurt Angle
-Triple H (Skull King version)
-Vince McMahon (Two versions)
-Matt & Jeff Hardy

You can see what they will look like below:


— Jonathan Kuliga (@JonK828) April 6, 2018

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