Nia Jax Calls Out Popular YouTuber For Body Shaming Her, He Provides Apology

WWE Superstar Nia Jax has called out popular wrestling YouTube channel, Grims Toy Show for his latest video which included him body shaming her.

Grim, who is primarily known for his wrestling action figure videos posted content live from the recent WWE Royal Rumble show, where he filmed his reactions to everything that happened. During Nia Jax’s entrance, Grim can be heard calling her ‘Nia Fat’ as well as ‘Battle Cow,’ phrases which he continues to repeat throughout the video.

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Jax shared a tweet from a fan who had called out Grim, with the WWE Superstar, claiming she guesses he wants attention for his horrible behavior, pointing out that he is degrading women in front of a young girl, making the situation even worse.

I’m guessing he wants attention @GrimsToyShow for his horrible behavior, making fun of my weight (which is completely unoriginal 🙄), but what gets me is that he’s shouting degrading things toward women in front of a young girl. Good job buddy

— Nia Jax (@NiaJaxWWE) February 1, 2018

Grim has since responded to Nia, apologizing to her and claiming he gets carried away with trying to be shocking and has deleted his video from YouTube. His channel currently boasts over 608,000 subscribers but has been receiving some very negative feedback since Nia Jax alerted fans to this issue.

I’m so sorry @NiaJaxWWE I feel like a total piece of crap now. I hope you will accept my apology and I will remove that video. I’m a huge fan of all involved in the women’s and Men’s rumble, sometimes I get carried away “trying” to be “shocking” 😓😓

— Grim's Toy Show (@GrimsToyShow) February 1, 2018

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