EC3 On WWE Return: “The Moment Was Vindication”

As seen at WWE NXT Takeover Philadelphia last night, former Impact Wrestling World Champion EC3 made his return to WWE following a lengthy hiatus. After his return, EC3 spoke with ESPN and below are some interview highlights.

On making his return to WWE:

“The moment was vindication. The moment was resolution,” said EC3, real name Michael Hutter. “I feel redeemed.”

On never doubting that he would one day return to WWE:

“It’s only been 1,714 days since the last time I stepped foot in the WWE — but who’s counting,” EC3 said. “With each day that has passed, I’ve had one goal in mind — and that was to be here, in this moment at this time for one purpose.

“Never once, without a shadow of a doubt, did I ever not believe in myself — believe that I would come back. I came back with vigor and determination. I came back on a mission.”

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On facing the live crowd at NXT Takeover Philadelphia:

“It was built up in my mind, how it would feel and what emotions I would feel,” EC3 said. “But walking out there, standing out there, with the crowd recognizing who I am — who I truly am — and that I’m truly where I belong, it didn’t feel anything but right.”

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