The Latest On Paige’s WWE In-Ring Future, The Possibility Of Her Returning and The Severity of Her Injuries

As we noted last week, via, WWE officials have informed Paige that she will not be medically cleared to return to the ring, effectively ending her in-ring career in WWE.

Despite the news, both Paige and WWE fans remain hopeful that the Absolution leader might at some point receive medical clearance to return to the ring as WWE has yet to make an official announcement regarding Paige’s future other than pulling her from the Royal Rumble match.

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In the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer confirmed the PWInsider report on Paige’s future, and added the following:

[Paige] was ruled by WWE medical as having injuries so severe that she won’t be cleared to wrestle. The story was originally reported by Mike Johnson of PW Insider and a number of people in WWE confirmed it to us, however, the company itself was not going to make an official statement or confirm the story publicly. has also posted a subsequent update, responding to fans who think Paige’s WWE in-ring career is not yet over because she has yet to make that announcement herself. In response to those fans, Mike Johnson had the following to say:

I never once reported Paige would be announcing her retirement on Raw.  Go back and check for yourself.  Anyone who claims I wrote that has zero reading comprehension.  What I did report, because it is correct, is that she was informed last week the company will not clear her to return to the ring as an in-ring performer, similar to Daniel Bryan and Edge.  Whatever narrative WWE wants to portray in their storylines, what I reported is correct.  My reporting was picked up and used by the basis in major outlets all over the world, to the point it may have been the biggest story I ever broke.  Had it been incorrect, WWE would have issued a statement to one of those mainstream outlets, especially ones they have an ongoing relationship with.  They didn’t, and there’s a reason for that – my story wasn’t incorrect.

Source :

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, PWInsider

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