Complete Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results From 1/14, PPV Title Match Added and More *Spoilers*

Below are complete spoiler results from tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, FL, courtesy of reader MrEddyG.

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You can check out complete results from each night of this week’s tapings in the links below.

Results From 1/13

Results From 1/12

Results From 1/11

Results From 1/10


Taya Valkyrie vs Alisha Edwards.
Taya wins with her finisher.


1.Fallah Bahh vs Sami Callahan with OVE. Sami won clean after Fallah was going for the Banzai Drop; Sami caught him with a kick to the back of the legs, & lifted him off the second rope with a modified Death Valley Driver. Impressive move by Callahan.OVE & Samy attack after the match & Callahan was about to use his baseball bat, but Eddie Edwards makes the surprising save & has a bat of his own.

2. 4 way X Division match: “The Canadian Destroyer” Petey Williams vs Suicide, vs  Rohit Raju, vs Taiji Ishimori. Petey wins with The Canadian Destroyer. Petey tells Matt Sydal he’s bring his briefcase & winning his X Division Title.

3. Amber Nova is out next. Braxton Sutter is on the ramp with a mic & introduces Su Yung.
Yung wins with an airplane spin & drops Amber forward  back first into the mat.

4. “The Machine” Brian Cage vs Lashley. Cage at one point did a beautiful suicide plancha onto Lashley-both of these men are so agile for their size. Cage gets a bit on an upset win. I’m surprised they didn’t save this match for Redemption, unless they’re planing a rematch.

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