#1 Contenders Match on Impact Wrestling, WWE 2K18 MyCareer Mode, Strowman as Kalisto (Videos)

BFG #1 Contenders Match on Impact Wrestling Tonight

The following matches have been taped for tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling:

-Johny Impact vs Garza, Jr to determine who will face Eli Drake for the Global Championship at Bound for Glory.

-LAX will explain the rules of the 5150 Street Fight match taking place at Bound for Glory.

-Sienna, Texano and Caleb Konley vs Allie, James Storm and Dezmond Xavier.

WWE 2K18 MyCareer Mode, Strowman Enters as Kalisto

WWE has released the following new WWE 2K18 videos, featuring Strowman doing Kalisto’s entrance, and a look at the game’s MyCareer mode.

WATCH: WWE 2K18 Creates Undertaker Vs. Shane McMahon In The Hell in a Cell Match

“Find out what you need to know about WWE 2K18’s MyCareer and Road to Glory modes from WWE 2K18 Creative Director Lynell Jinks and game designer Ramelle Ballesca.”

“Lu-cha! Lu-cha! Luc-BRAUUUN! The Monster Among Men embraces his inner cruiserweight as he makes his way to ring as Kalisto!”

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